Surya Gujarat Solar Portal for subsidy in the solar rooftop.

Surya Gujarat Solar Portal for subsidy in the solar rooftop.

Gujarat has been holding the second position for the production and scope of solar power throughout the country. With its 300 days of available sun and the vast Rann of Kutch, which experience the wrath of the sun, has proven itself the best place for the evolution and setup of solar rooftop plants and their production to reduce the electricity load of the state upon the non-renewable sources.

Their government has been making changes and even opportunities to take benefit of this privilege they receive in terms of solar and wind energy sources.

This state possesses the capacity of generating 10% of the national electricity capacity which is 38,000 MW.

This state has been focusing on renewable sources to be its major electricity source. This led to 35% of the state electricity requirement being met through wind, hydro, biomass, and solar (3,273 MW) in 2020.

And to increase the number from 35% to 53% in upcoming years, the state has been implementing various solar policies around the country.

By their schemes of providing subsidies for residential solar rooftop installation as per the amendment in 2016.

Which motivated other people in their state to go for solar installation on their rooftops.

Subsidies plans for solar rooftop installation for the Gujarat people?

As per the central government, a total of 40% of the subsidy is provided for the total cost of solar panels.

To enhance this scheme of the central government in their state. Gujarat government provides Rs10,000/KW in addition to increasing the process of the solar panel’s installation.

Currently, the people get subsidies as per the L1 rates which are:-

  1. Rs 40,991/KW for 1-3KW of solar systems.
  2. Rs 43,500/KW for solar systems between 3KW to 10KW.

Down below is the exact amount of subsidies provide as per your solar panel’s range.

solar capacity                                                Subsidies

1KW                                                              Rs 16,396

2KW                                                              Rs 32,798

3KW                                                              Rs 49,189

4KW                                                              Rs 60,900

5KW                                                              Rs 69,600


All these rates are the exact value without GST.

The people can even enjoy a particular percent of the cost reduction in their total solar panels cost.

All these efforts and schemes are done so that people can get aware of these facilities and they can get the extra benefits that one can enjoy by opting for solar energy in addition to their electricity supply.

What is the objective of these solar subsidies?

  • It’s done so that the dependency of the state for their energy source on fossil fuels can be reduced. Which will help in keeping the environment of their state clean with financial benefits.
  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goal for the state of Gujarat.
  • To enhance and explore the area of employment, research, and development in the solar field which can help their state people and even add a great glory towards zero carbon source for energy.
  • To create awareness among their people and create investment-friendly aspects in their areas.
  • It’s even a great way to take advantage of a free energy source that their land enjoys in abundance to cut out their extra bills and dependence upon the grid line.

Now the question arises of how exactly one can see and analyze whether installing these solar panel is beneficial for them or not. Most whether it’s affordable for them or not.

As doing this math always is not the cup of tea for everyone.

To overcome these people the ministry of renewable energy has come up with a solar power calculator that can aid in your decision-making by providing all required financial and technical details.

Solar Power Calculator

These calculators function as per your rooftop area, capacity to install, and budget. Keeping all these points in mind putting their residential category in Gujarat and average electricity cost/KW.

These calculators provide the best detailing regarding cost, electricity generation, subsidy, and financial savings.

This helps people to decide what type of panels and range their rooftop can accommodate with their needs being fulfilled.

How to get the solar connection?

So if people want to get this solar connection people need to get registered and contact their regional DISCOM office.

Any individual or a factor can get the PV connection after becoming a residential customer of any DISCOM. Where they become eligible to apply for the connection through the vendors registered and approved by Gujarat Energy Development Agency in Gujarat.

There are a total of 459 registered and reliable solar vendors in Gujarat whose information one can easily get in their near DISCOM office or even there are many online platforms that provide this information.

The National Portal for Rooftop Solar is a government-verified and controlled online platform that is amended throughout the country of India.

Where any individual or vendor can register themselves and even can receive the latest or existing information related to installation and subsidies of solar.

The GEDA and the national portal serve people with solar connection and subsidies issues and facilities.

And if people want to find the exact information regarding solar in Gujarat then they can take the help of GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency) and MGVCL (Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited) for the extra information and important contacts.


As the state of Gujarat has the required potential to flourish in the field of solar area. And with their continuous efforts of providing subsidies, policies, and cost-reduction in solar installation have been a positive push regarding the installation of solar rooftops around the state to a total of 521.927 MW and is aiming to achieve more.


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