National portal for solar rooftops in India

National portal for solar rooftops in India

As we are moving forward with new technologies evolving continuously, we must keep our survival with the rate of change in time. We look forward to various forms and sources of energy and which solar energy is the most popular energy source. People are getting aware of the benefits one can enjoy using solar.

So people and countries worldwide are taking steps to encourage installing PV panels. This leads the various countries to compute a source that can easily guide their people regarding PV Panels and their installment.

So in a country like India, we also have an online government platform that serves and guides its people regarding the problems and confusion related to PV Panels.

That is the “National Portal for solar rooftops.”

What is National Portal for solar rooftops?

It’s an official government online portal available for the residents of India where they can get the detailed information regarding solar panels. This national portal was launched by the honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi on 30th July 2022 for the country’s people to access important information from around the country.

Here one can access all the information regarding the various factors and conditions related to solar            panel installment.


  • Why opting for PV Panels is a wise choice?
  • What is a grid-connected Solar rooftop?
  • Installment factors related to rooftop size, structure, and other additional appliances required for the setup.
  • The proper type of panels fits perfectly with your requirement.
  • Various price multiples of different panels.
  • The rate of energy produced as per the area available.
  • The total cost with installment, maintenance, etc.
  • The subsidy scheme and government support for getting a solar setup.
  • Information regarding the setup of PV panels in your rented house.
  • Information if you want a Group Housing society set up.
  • How to apply for the rooftop installment and the general procedure set up.
  • Payback regarding solar rooftops using various business models.
  • The various procedures related to DISCOM with payment.

And various other questions and information that one can get. This reliable source allows you to access verified information instead of getting data from invalid sources or asking other people around.

How to apply for a Solar rooftop through this portal?

You can do this easily by registering in the portal or the user-friendly app “Sandes.” Where you need to follow the given below steps.

  1. First, select your state, Electricity Distribution Company, Electricity Consumer number, Mobile number, email, and other mandatory details asked in the portal. Now you are registered in the national portal.
  2. Now log in using your consumer or phone number and apply for the rooftop by filling out the form.
  3. Then wait for the feasibility approval from DISCOM; once you get the approval, install the panel or plant from any of the registered vendors from your DISCOM.
  4. After the installation, submit the plant and rooftop setup plan and apply for a net meter.
  5. After the installment of the net meter and inspection by DISCOM, the portal will generate a commissioning certificate for you.
  6. After receiving the commissioning report, submit bank details and the canceled cheque through the portal. And within 30 working days, subsidies will get deposited in your account.

Registration of Vendors in the National Portal.

  1. Vendors can register with their respective DISCOM by applying with a declaration per the format of and a deposit of Rs 2,50,000 as PBG valid for five years.
  2. Vendors can submit their applications at the Division/circle level, and within a month from the submission, their names will get updates on the official list of vendors.
  3. The DISCOM will upload the details of registered vendors on the National portal. After this, the vendors will receive an official mail through which they can log in to the portal through their PAN no. or phone number. After which, they can input the details and price of their product which will be displayed to their consumers. (solar installation)


Well, we should be glad to have this National Portal for our country, India, which is the hotspot for information about solar rooftops and other details.

This portal plays a significant role in encouraging people to opt for solar energy. It provides a simplified way to get a solar connection and the information required to know people.


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