What are solar panels, and how are they beneficial for common

What are solar panels, and how are they beneficial for common people?

People are growing and adapting to the changing world in today’s world. You can’t expect what major changes one can expect after ten years from today in terms of living, energy sources, lifestyle, food, medical, transport, and many other aspects.

But seeing the current scenarios, we can assume that people are getting aware of their surroundings, global pollution, and limited natural fuels.

They are adopting ways to harness as many renewable energy sources or energy forms with zero waste. In searching, people are majorly bending towards solar energy, which can be harnessed through solar panels installed on the rooftops.

In the future, solar energy can be the new face of zero-waste energy sources. So let’s explore and gain more knowledge about this innovative concept.

What are solar panels?

These panels are the one that plays the important role of converting the sunlight rays into direct current electricity. These panels are made of photovoltaic cells upon which a ray of the light consists of particles called photons in them. A process known as the “Photovoltaic Effect” generates electricity.

These cells are arranged in a grid-like pattern over the panels. Most of these panels are made of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Most of them are connected to the main grid line, and some depend on batteries. It varies with the people’s needs.

Types of solar panels?

We can divide these panels into three types based on the material used for construction, function, advantages, and disadvantages.

  1. Monocrystalline- These are well known for their high efficiency and performance. And they work better in a warm areas with high heat conditions.
  2. Polycrystalline- They come on a lower budget but have lower efficiency and performance. They perform better in low-temperature areas.
  3. Thin-film- These are portable and flexible but have lower efficiency and performance. 


The advantage of using this solar energy by installing the panels on your rooftop.

  • It gives you the freedom to make a home wherever you want, no matter whether the area has a supply of grid lines.
  • You have a self-supply of energy.
  • It’s pocket friendly in terms of installments, and the extra energy your panels produce can be sellable to the grid line in exchange for some cash and bills benefits.
  • For Indian weather, it’s the best way to harvest energy from the amount of sunlight we get annually.
  • It’s one of the most secure investments.
  • You can even enjoy the government’s support in terms of subsidies, installment loans, etc.
  • This is a great way to achieve a green energy lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint.

There is a certain disadvantage, too, which you need to know before buying a solar panel.

Disadvantages of solar panel

  • The initial cost of buying every piece of equipment with an installment can be a huge budget.
  • It is completely dependent weather dependent and the amount of sunlight your rooftop receives.
  • If you can use the amount of generated solar energy right away, then it’s not a problem, but in case of storing them in large batteries can be expensive.
  • These panels require huge space for the setup, which can be a problem related to the size of your roof.

So, after all this discussion and considering every aspect, you can decide whether your house and location are perfect for you to take a step toward using solar energy.


Well, now we have a deep detail regarding what solar panels are, their types, advantages, and disadvantages.

From this, we can conclude that solar energy is better for us and the earth. That’s why many countries are encouraging their people to opt for solar energy.

By providing help and support to their people.

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