Learn about solar panels and their usage.

Learn about solar panels and their usage.

Everything in this world is meant to meet its end. No matter whether it’s a human or a resource, we enjoy it. As time passes, everything gets consumed, like the natural resources and the earth’s life support system. Electricity, energy, and every minimal resource received are present on this earth for a limited amount. 

And overuse of these resources has led humans to go for a sustainable way of living, including equipment that can harness sun, wind, and water energy. The sun is the most common and prominent energy source, where you can get enough energy through solar panels.

So let’s explore this and its various scale of usage in various aspects of our day-to-day life.

What are solar panels?

Solar panels, also known as PV panels, are a fantastic invention by humans to create a renewable energy source that is pollution free and doesn’t have any side effects on mother nature.

An efficient way of harnessing clean solar energy

This panel generates energy from the energy particles known as photons present in the sunlight. 

These panels are numerous solar cells made of phosphorus, silicon, and boron, which are responsible for generating electricity whenever a ray of light falls on them.

This solar energy is an eco-friendly way of generating enough electricity to help power street lights, solar pumps, cookers, fans, lights, Commercial rooftop solar, etc.

Types of panels

Solar energy harvesting has been practiced worldwide and is quite famous for its clean energy production method.

But certain things need to be taken care of like every solar panel doesn’t work in every climate condition.

To tackle this problem, we have various options which can adapt to various climatic conditions.

  1. Polycrystalline- This solar panel is widely used in India and is best suited for sunny weather in India. These PV cells consist of silicon crystals with a surface that looks similar to a mosaic. 

And they are more eco-friendly than monocrystalline solar panels, producing less waste.

They have lower heat tolerance and higher temperature coefficient than monocrystalline panels. 

And they are more superficial and cheap.

These panels are used in various sections as per the amount of energy they can generate from solar energy.

The following have the detail of the watt capacity with its usage.

10 – 100 watt – Street lights

100-200 watt – Small solar kits

200 – 300 watt – solar pumps

300 – 400 watt – Residential or commercial use


  1. Monocrystalline- This is one of the most developed PV panel categories. In this, the solar cells. These panels are made of high-grade silicone and are costly compared to polycrystalline.

This is best suitable for places with cold weather, like Canada and other cold countries.

They are known to have higher efficiency as compared to other panels. And are even space-efficient.

They have a high life span and are seen to work longer than their warranty period.

Similarly, for monocrystalline, we have segregated data of modules available with their watt of electricity from the solar energy and usage as follows;

300-400 watt – residential and commercial uses

400 – 500 watt – Mainly for commercial uses and can be used for residential

Above 500 watt – commercial uses

Its usage in various sections.

Production of clean energy from solar energy has its advantages as it keeps our environment clean. In addition, no toxic substances are produced, and they are even cheap.

This leads to its wide applications in various aspects, a green and safe replacement of standard electricity from coal. 

Here is a list of various applications of solar panels.

  1. Street lights- It’s pretty easy to install within the top of the street lights, which can quickly generate enough electricity throughout the day and can be used at night and in the evening to lighten the streets. It can be used around highways, schools, hospitals, parking areas, etc.

These are cheap and small in size, which makes them ideal for moving. And can generate enough usable electricity to brighten up the streets.

  1. Small solar kits- A perfect way to store and save resources. It’s costly at the start but worth it during any electricity outage or the time after sunset when there is no solar energy source.
  2. For solar pump- A perfect alternative to electricity producer where grid electricity is unable. This item consists of a solar panel, charge controller, DC water pump, electric wiring, and water storage tank.
  3. Residential/everyday society subsidy-based rooftop- It’s a perfect way to power a maximum part of your house through solar energy, and even you can the subsidies provided by the government of 30% over the installations of PV panels over your rooftops.
  4. Commercial Rooftop Solar- This one can easily power a whole commercial building through solar energy with the help of PV panels installed in a row in the required amount over the rooftop.
  5. Group captive power plant – This is a great helpful tool for a society or a big enterprise group to generate clean electricity through PV panels for their consumption.
  6. RESCO model – This a great investment platform, as our primary energy provider will get replaced with this renewable source in the coming days.
  7. Off-grid connection solar rooftop- The rooftop solar system is not linked to the primary grid. This system produces energy to charge its battery and generates enough electricity to function in other applications.
  8. Portable solar units- These are the most effective method to power your house through solar energy of 100% with its compatible design. And can generate power of 50 watts to 300 watts.
  9. Hybrid solar plant – A perfect combination of grid connection and solar energy storage. A perfect way to store your energy produced through PV panels instead of feeding it back to the grid.

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